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    Nellis AFB, NV Museums

    There are many museums in Las Vegas, both inside resorts and in the community. Among these are:

    The Mob Museum or Las Vegas Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, which for some reason seems right at home in Las Vegas, is on the north side of Las Vegas.

    The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is also on the north side, and focuses on geology and wildlife (including dinosaurs), with an ancient Egypt collection, and has a young scientist education center.

    The Discovery Children's Museum has a lot of hands on exhibits for children, on a variety of subjects.

    The National Atomic Testing Museum, in Paradise, focuses on the history of nuclear technology and its various results.

    Paradise is also home to the Elvis-A-Rama Museum, the Liberace Museum, and the Pinball Hall of Fame.

    The Las Vegas Zoo (the Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park)is a combination zoo and botanical garden, with a collection from the local gem club thrown in for good measure. The zoo is notable for having one of the few collections of barbary apes in the US.

    Nevada Test Site and Area 51
    : These locations are off limits to almost everybody, but you can drive by and wonder like anyone else (or maybe you don't have to wonder).

    Lake Mead
    offers boating, fishing, and other water fun, as does Lake Mohave and much of the rest of the Colorado River reservoir system.